Famous Door

by Transstar

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Famous Door is Transstar's new album.

Famous Door is released on Chris Tait’s Park Music.

Famous Door is mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

Famous Door is available on all digital download and streaming platforms.


released October 8, 2019

Famous Door is made with the wisdom and support of Arlene Bishop, Hugh Christopher Brown, Gary Craig, Matthew Forbes, Jenny Mitchell, Chris Wardman and Bry Webb.

The background vocals in 'Happy Now' are performed by Brad Long and Edith Wilson.

The singing and drumming in 'Marry Me' are performed by inmates of Grand Valley Institution for Women.

The photograph is taken by Lisa Schincariol McMurtry.

It greatly pleases Transstar to thank the indestructible Chris Tait, without whom these songs would never have seen the light of day.

Famous Door is mastered by Harry Hess.

Famous Door is written and produced by Transstar.

This is a Park Music production.


all rights reserved



Transstar Guelph, Ontario

Transstar has been making electronic pop since forever. The CBC's Brave New Waves aired her cassette demos in the actual '80s. Transstar released an ambient CD, Score For Life, in 1997. Transstar relocated to Berlin as Cover Girl in 2014 rebuilding Soul B-sides as melodic EDM. Transstar is the founder of Blackball, a non-profit that teaches at-risk youth to make electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: Amber Room
This is a message I don't know where to send
This is one scene that the safe word didn't end
I found a mark that I can't erase
You made it in no ordinary place

I still don't know where you took me
It glittered, but glittered so much more than gold
What does a girl have to do to get into the amber room?

Can't see a thing in this lousy crystal ball
Maybe I'm not very clever after all
In the room, you would know just what to do
You could make it so I'm just not in love with you

And I can't get there without you
It's hidden, forbidden to my weary eyes
How could I even presume I’d get into the amber room?

What does a girl have to do?
Track Name: The Last Girl In Berlin
I flew to you in a moment of weakness
They said you had a world up your sleeve
I never dreamed I could show that much meekness
But then, I wanted to believe

And since you clearly need to talk some more
About a war you never fought and didn’t win
Tell it to the last girl in Berlin

You showed me gems and I trembled at their shine
No prey was more easily felled
But you only knew peace in the shadows of Berghain
You wanting all that is withheld
And me only wanting to be held

And since you’re still confused about the news
I found a nicer place to drop my pin
Pin it on the last girl in Berlin

I was born and made to love and be loved
It was not enough to wish that frown off
Though I sought and prayed
I did not so much as see love
On the last flight out of Tempelhof

When all else fails
I do my nails

And now to find a willing confidante
Who will want to kiss my hand
And find the pulse beneath the skin
And you can kiss my last girl in Berlin
Track Name: Phone.
I put your picture in my phone
I can make you seem clearer, bring you nearer
But I can’t bring you home

You used to be in every frame
Now you’re not in the picture
It’s always the same and it’s just not the same

So I’m waiting
I’m just waiting
I’m fading, but you’ve got to keep on skating
Love died believing you were all alone
Life can begin when you phone

I did try putting it on a shelf
I thought I could stop scrolling and checking and pinching
And then I thought maybe you ought to go off and just
Pinch yourself

I just could not leave it where it was
I could set it to “vibrate”
But it's too late
And I can't stand the buzz

I’m waiting, not really hating
I’m fading, but you’ve got to keep on skating
Time hides when I picture on your own
And it won’t come out till you phone

Don’t let it wait till you mis-dial
You’ve been phoning it in since last fall
Now it’s next fall
Child, for some people this life is just one big, long pocket call

So I’m waiting
I am waiting
I’m fading
Or can't you tell?
I'm waiting and waiting
It's a bit degrading, but what the hell?
I'm waiting
Just waiting
I'm fading, but you've got to keep on skating

I stopped pretending I was made of stone
Would you quit pretending you won’t phone?
Track Name: Marry Me
At one time we were quite a pair, hell-bound for the altar
I sensed your hesitation when you hid behind the fatted calf
Don’t give it another care
I found a heart that will not falter
There’ll be no separation from my better, better half

I think I’m going to marry me
I’ll be a match made in heaven above
I’ve two strong arms to carry me
Far from this world where you frown on true love
You’d better hand that veil to me
I’m going to marry me

I promised the whole of me, to you who were half-listening
I wanted to be faithful, you wanted vegan wedding cake
If man seeks out a maiden, all sighs and lashes glistening
I’ll be a better maiden than you could ever make
You big fake

I’m going to marry me
No one dare speak now and keep me apart
For a substitute bride to be, we don’t get much more til-death-do-i-part
Such a cute couple I will be
I’m going to marry

Fiddlers craic a smile when I walk in your shoes down the aisle
They’ll hear the “I-Do”s for a mile

When I stop to think of it, you wore your ring quite lightly
I felt love enough for two to face down any test
Two rings suit me better, and tails are so unsightly
And what use is a wedding gown when no heart beats in its breast?

I’m going to marry me, someone who’s noticed how precious I am
Go forth thou, and be unhappy
I can’t wait to hear the chapel door slam
Holy matrimony—that’s me
Track Name: Happy Now
I saw you on the bray last night
You were quite the same
You held my hand and held it tight and didn't know my name

And then I heard somebody say, can we not be happy at the same time?
In the same room, with no special reason?
It's not a lot to ask for us to be happy
In the same way, on the same day
I think I'll go mad trying to find out how can we be happy now

I hear you in each serenade and every reveille
In your name I was unafraid
Now you can be brave for me

Can't you hear the people say, is it dumb to be working on the same page?
In this day and age, not somebody’s birthday?
Is it wrong to be together on a good day, in this one way?

I can’t not get mad trying to find out how can we get happy now

Sly says that two words will get it straight
And Sly says that two years is two long to wait
We could be so happy now
We could be so happy now
They wouldn’t have this on the bray
We would have laughed and walked away
Sly says two words
Walked away
Happy now
Sly says two words
Happy now
Two words
Track Name: Too
You never ring, you never write
That may mean I'm up all night
It don't mean that you don't love me

You let it go at the Slow No
That says you’ve had too much Pernod
Where does it say that you don’t love me?

We're through with being through
That you can't lie about
I'm too nice to understand you're not nice enough to cry about

How like me to fail to make you hating me up and down the avenue
But that don't mean that you don't love me too

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